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By ridleyef, Oct 18 2016 02:09PM

The Foundation is now seeking grant applications for funding of projects whose aim is the reduction of severe vision impairment and blindness caused by cataract in Africa and Asia.

Please see our Grant Application page for more details.

By ridleyef, Feb 4 2016 05:12PM

Life Through a Lens
Life Through a Lens

On 8th January 2016 the BBC One Show ran an article entitled Life Through a Lens featuring the work of Sir Harold Ridley, the man whose medical vision would go on to save the sight of over 200 million people.

The video can be viewed on the BBC Website here...


By ridleyef, Nov 5 2015 02:10PM

The Rev Dr Robert Beaken has recently had his new book, 'The Church of England and The Home Front 1914-1918' published by The Boydell Press. The book is an elegantly written account of an important aspect of how English society coped with the 1914-1918 war on the home front.

The Church Times reviewed the book as follows:-

'[Robert Beaken] is to be congratulated for blowing away a myth about the church and the war that has had far too much currency. More than that, he has produced a book that is highly readable, and which opens up a window into the past which fills the reader with admiration and respect for our gallant forebears, both on the Home Front and in the church pews.'

By ridleyef, Jun 14 2015 02:00AM

On 12th June 2015 Nicholas Ridley and Rev Dr Robert Beaken were invited to Lambeth Palace as part of the Egyptian Diocesan Association, where Holy Communion was celebrated by the Archbishop of Canterbury, with Archbishop Sentamu and Bishop Mouneer Anis in attendance.

The venue provided an opportunty for Nicholas Ridley and Robert Beaken to discuss with Bishop Mouneer Anis the opportunties for the Ridley Eye Foundation to continue its training of Harpur Memorial Hospital opthalmologist, Dr Ireny Wesley, in cataract surgery with the possibilities of sending her on a further advanced surgical training course following her course at the Royal Society of Opthalmologists in London.

The venue also provided an opportunity for Messrs Ridley and Beaken to discuss the work of the Foundation with Archbishop Sentamu.