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Our mission at The Ridley Eye Foundation is to give people, regardless of race, religion or political stance their human 'right to sight' in order that they might fulfill their own destiny.


During 2015, 224 people from remote villages in Egypt were recommended for cataract surgery following examinations at outreach clinics. Operations are offered at a third of the real cost, making surgery accessible for local communities.  In the first half of 2016, 153 people had cataract operations following examinations at the outreach clinics.


Each year the Episcopal/Anglican Diocese of Egypt (www.dioceseofegypt.org) provides medical treatment for thousands of people through The Harpur Memorial Hospital. View the video below to learn more...


From January to end of December 2015, there were 36 Outreaches and approximately 1,217 patients examined. From January to June 2016, there were 15 Outreaches and 460 people examined.  These Outreaches all included ophthalmology services.


The total number of patients receiving cataract surgery at the hospital during 2015 was 589 (488 January to November 2014). Of these,392 had phako surgery. For the first half of 2016, there were 274 cataract operations, with 244 being phako operations.  Thanks to the partnership of the Ridley Eye Foundation, Harpur Memorial Hospital in Menouf is able to offer the surgery at a subsidised cost, so even the poorest can afford treatment.


In 2010, the Diocese of Singapore and its Cathedral, St Andrew's, donated a medical bus to the Diocese of Egypt. The bus has enabled us to reach out to rural areas of Egypt and provide medical treatment where there is no primary health care service. Most of the patients examined would not otherwise have the opportunity to access medical treatment.

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