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What is the Ridley Eye Foundation?

Ridley Eye Foundation - Tests and training

Welcome to the Ridley Eye Foundation, set up by Sir Harold Ridley in 1967. Sir Harold was the pioneer of cataract surgery by inventing the first intraocular lens to be placed in the eye.His work, which began during World War II, has enabled millions of people worldwide to regain their sight.

The Ridley Eye Foundation continues to raise funds for, and awareness of, the need for cataract surgery in developing countries and to treat avoidable blindness. 50% of World blindness is caused by cataract.

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How your support helps

Your support is invaluable in helping us achieve our mission: "to give people, regardless of race, religion or political stance their human right to sight in order that they might fulfill their own destiny."

It is estimated that there are approximately 37 million people worldwide who are blind according to World Health Organisation figures. The majority of these people are living in developing countries. At least 50 percent of this blindness is due to cataracts and is treatable with a simple and inexpensive operation.

Your donation will be used to help fund initiatives in developing countries including Africa, the Middle and Far East. Restoration of sight has huge economic and social implications for any society and indeed post operative adults are able to earn a living again and children can access education.

The Ridley Eye Foundation also sponsors the Ridley Eye Foundation Lecture Medal which is awarded every two years by St. Thomas’ Eye Hospital to a leading ophthalmologist. Please see Lecture Medal Award Sub-section.

Latest News

The 'Everyday Miracle' of Cataract Surgery - BBC Video

12 February 2015

A BBC News article about the development of Harold Ridley's cataract surgery techniques.